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June 4, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 22 - Douglas Nelson

I had the pleasure of talking with the President of the board for the Massage Therapy Foundation, Douglas Nelson.  We explore a lot in the conversation including ideas on the art and science of Massage Therapy, some troubleshooting, and how Doug sees research intersecting with Massage Therapy.

Links for the show include

NMT Midwest

The Massage Therapy Foundation

Project Cope



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April 17, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 21 - Michael Feraday, Executive Director of the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

This episode I interview Michael Feraday, the new ED of the RMTAO.  He has been launched into the role by the recent Covid 19 crisis and speaks to some of the difficulties facing RMT's and the RMTAO.  We also speak about where the RMTAO is focused outside of the Covid 19 crisis and future plans.

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March 27, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 20 - Cathy Ryan and Pam Fitch on the Importance of Language

Pam Fitch, Cathy Ryan and I dive into the importance of how we phrase things and speak to patients.  Thoughtful, provocative, and fun, this podcast will get you thinking.

Contact Pam here

Pamela Fitch, M. Ad. Ed., RMT
Tel: 613-203-2350

Contact Cathy here

Contact Damian here


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March 5, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 19 - Kirk O’Bee, RMTBC School Liaison

What does Kirk O'Bee do for the RMTBC as it relates to the various Massage Schools in BC?  Find out here.  Kirk and I explore his role and explain it to anyone out there who is wondering.

Contact Kirk 

Tel: (604) 873-4467 | Toll-Free: 1-888-413-4467 


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February 28, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 18 - Kim Goetzinger

In this episode Kim and I discuss working in a rural remote location, Haida Gwaii, and we talk about the importance of culture and how it can impact how we work, why we work, where we work, and with who we work.  I enjoyed the highly conversational quality of our back and forth and hope the listeners do too.  Lots of culture in this one

Contact Kim at

telephone: 250-559-7770


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January 21, 2020  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 17 - DermoNeuroModulation with Mike Reoch

If you've not much idea what DermoNeuroModulation is as a model within which to approach Manual Therapy, in this podcast Mike and I break down the DNM model.  Along the way, we explore a few other ideas that have influenced his own learning as a Registered Massage Therapist and how he uses these to put together the various seminars he teaches.

If you're interested in learning more you can contact Mike through his website or via

Phone: 778-630-8930
Fax: 604 952 0539
fb: /
t: @wellandable

To learn more about DNM and the Neurocentric approach you can register for or book a custom seminar here

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November 26, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 16 - Intuition with Cathy Ryan and Pam Fitch

Authors, Educators, Practitioners, Scientists, and Philosophers Cathy Ryan and Pam Fitch join me for a beautiful discussion on intuition and its presence in Manual Therapy.  Is it useful, important, and necessary?  How does science and evidence based practice relate to the idea of intuition?

Pam Fitch is the author of Talking Body, Listening Hands, a speaker, and an educator in Manual Therapy whose presence and thoughtful introspection provide a wisdom and depth that only comes with years of intentional practice.

Cathy Ryan is the co-author of Traumatic Scar Tissue Management, a speaker, and an educator in Manual Therapy who, like Pam, has walked a deeply intentional path in relation to Manual Therapy and her life.  Her insight provided in this short interview is thought provoking and inspiring.

You can contact Pam at
Tel: 613-736-9006

You can contact Cathy at


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October 14, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 15 - Lori Green Executive Director of MTAS

The Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan Executive Director, Lori Green, joins me this episode to discuss being an Executive Director, where things are at in Saskatchewan, and her thoughts on a what's happening nationally in Registered Massage Therapy.

Site links are

Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance


Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan


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September 19, 2019  

Massage Therapy now episode 14 - Gordon McDonald RMTBC Executive Director

Gordon and I talk about the Registered Massage Therapy Associations current goings on

We speak to membership benefits, upcoming symposiums, and various Association ins and outs.

Websites to check out are

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August 5, 2019  

Summer Interlude

Hello Everyone

A brief summer break for the podcast, but we will be back.  Contact me at if there are any questions.  New episodes coming soon!

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