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November 26, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 16 - Intuition with Cathy Ryan and Pam Fitch

November 26, 2019

Authors, Educators, Practitioners, Scientists, and Philosophers Cathy Ryan and Pam Fitch join me for a beautiful discussion on intuition and its presence in Manual Therapy.  Is it useful, important, and necessary?  How does science and evidence based practice relate to the idea of intuition?

Pam Fitch is the author of Talking Body, Listening Hands, a speaker, and an educator in Manual Therapy whose presence and thoughtful introspection provide a wisdom and depth that only comes with years of intentional practice.

Cathy Ryan is the co-author of Traumatic Scar Tissue Management, a speaker, and an educator in Manual Therapy who, like Pam, has walked a deeply intentional path in relation to Manual Therapy and her life.  Her insight provided in this short interview is thought provoking and inspiring.

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