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June 18, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 13 - Don Dillon

In this episode Don Dillon and Damian talk about why Massage Therapists must become better advocates for their professions and how they can do so.  We talk about intrinsic viewpoints, extrinsic factors, work models, threats to massage therapy, and much more.

Here are some of the links talked about throughout the show.

In an act of civil disobedience – yet strongly supported by local politicians and citizens – the Compassion Club (Vancouver, British Columbia) and the Harbourside Health Centre (San Francisco, California) generate operating funds through the sale of cannabis.

This is a related article re: more novel business models

Here's the Myrna Brind

Here's Casey House, where MT is mentioned in the text as an available service

Here's an article on the insurer relations dilemma–-a-signal-of-changes-to-come-4778

and here's the original "Boom Bust..." article

link to the On the Table podcast–-current-and-critical-information-for-massage-therapists-in-practice-4510

Dons' Facebook page

Dons' website

May 3, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 12 - Brian Fulton

Author, educator and enthusiast of all things placebo, Brian Fulton and I have a great discussion on Placebo, Nocebo, the Biopsychosocial model and ethics.  Enjoy and have a great day

Brians website is:

on facebook you can make contact here:


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April 28, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 11 - Deetria Egeli

In this episode Deetria and I talk getting a masters degree, the research project that was a part of the masters of rehabilitation science at UBC, and doing research in Canuck Place, a pediatric hospice in the lower mainland

Heres the link to the program at UBC

Here's the link to Canuck Place


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March 14, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 10 - Matt Furlot

In this episode Matt and I are speaking to the idea of interdisciplinary practice, what it looks like from a sports team perspective, and how that has influenced his building of the Legacies Health Centres in the lower mainland.  His thoughts on why interdisciplinary practice works and how to implement them in your own practice are sure to be useful to many of the listeners.  And to be sure, it's different than multidisciplinary practice!  Enjoy

Here's the link to Matt's website, the about page

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February 24, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 9 - Cathy Ryan

 Cathy Ryan is a Registered Massage Therapist living in Telqua, British Columbia.  She has worked for decades in the Manual Therapy trade and has translated that knowledge into teaching and writing avidly on Fascial Tissue, Wound healing and scar tissue, and many other subjects.  She recently co-authored a book called "Traumatic Scar Tissue Management: Therapeutic massage principles, practice and protocols"

In this interview we dive into fascia, publishing, and some interesting subjects like intuition!

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January 23, 2019  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 8 - Bodhi Haraldsson

In this Episode Bodhi and I talk research.  Bodhi's scientific mind is drawn to research making him a completely different snowflake than myself, so the time spent talking was a massive education for me as to the importance of research, why a massage therapist should pay attention to it, how to engage with research, how to find quality research and much more!

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December 3, 2018  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 7 - Mike Desrochers on Business

In this Episode Mike and I talk business.  As the CEO and founder of PainPro Clinics in Vancouver, Mike brings a unique and incredibly valuable perspective to the talk of business and Registered Massage Therapy.  We talk about professionalism, relationships between clinic owners and therapists, running your own business, scarcity mindset vs abundance, and how to navigate the early days as a RMT professional.  Enjoy

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November 5, 2018  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 6 - Marcy and Mike Reoch

Marcy and Mike Reoch run their own Registered Massage Therapy Clinic in Ladner, BC.  In this episode we talk about the benefits and challenges of being a couple running a business together, how family values influence their business

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August 28, 2018  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 5 - Eric Purves

Pain Scienctists rejoice.  Today I am talking with Eric Purves, a Registered Massage Therapist who resides in Victoria and whose professional passion includes everything pain science related.  We spend 20+ minutes talking about how pain science could relate to and make the profession of Massage Therapy better.  There are some good resources mentioned and some excellent ideas if you're wanting to become a therapist with a language that has good ethic behind it.  Enjoy


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July 5, 2018  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 4 - Peter Behr

We have a new shorter format.  3 Questions, 3 Answers in around 15 minutes.  Nice and short and sweet, fun and informative.  In this episode PeterBehr and I explore being a long time Registered Massage Therapist with similiar questions asked of Margaret Behr but with some different insights and perspectives.  Also a delight to talk to Peter and hear some of his insights into being a long time therapist.  Enjoy

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