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April 23, 2018  

Massage Therapy Now Episode 2 - Andrew Nemeth

April 23, 2018

Andrew Nemeth is a BC Registered Massage Therapist who works in Elder Care Facilities doing massage therapy.  Over 15 years of experience working in care homes gives him a unique and expert perspective in this style of massage.  He has also recently taken the lead position for the Advanced Practice Group - Gerontology and speaks to this unique position


0:58  intro

1:56  proper term for advanced practice for working with the aged

3:28  RMTBC'sadvanced practice groups defined

5:18  How has massage therapy grown when working with the elderly, especially as the baby boomers age?

7:18  Are the elderly underserviced by RMT's?

8:09  Building a brand when working with the niche that is geriatric massage

9:09  Lots of opportunity for work with the elderly as either a new or long term therapist 

10:08  Numbers working with the elderly as far as number of RMT's go is unknown

10:45  Loving working with the elderly 

12:40  Staying interested in your work and how the elderly help you do this!

14:10  How the aged can appreciate your work as a massage therapist

15:05  is the work interdisciplinary?

15:55  Developing rapport with existing medical teams

17:05  Jumpstarting an rmt’s work with the elderly

18:30  How the advanced practice groups are already helping therapists develop particular skills

19:37  Advanced practice group gerontology current lead duties 

20:49  The lead as an information filter and educational advocate

21:25  The symposium 

22:31  Who should come

23:23  RMTBC symposiums rock

24:14  What Andrew will be doing at the symposium 

25:44  Getting in touch with Andrew 

26:55  Where will advanced practice gerontology be in 10 years as it relates to massage therapy 

28:00  The unique problem of you clients aging and dying when you focus on work with the elderly

30:20  The specialness of the work with the elderly

31:12  End of show comments


Music by Broke For Free - Night Owl - Directionless EP