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April 17, 2018  

Gordon McDonald Associate Director of RMTBC - Scope of Practice

April 17, 2018

In our first episode ever (hurray) Gordon and I explore the idea of Scope of Pracitice 

0:00    Who and what does the associate director of the rmtbc do? 0 mins to 6:18

6:18    Mediation services for Massage Therapists

8:15    Scope of practice definition, scope of practice as a box

13:42  Why is the idea of a list of should and should nots for scope of practice problematic? 

15:45. Can scope of practice be a living document?

19:07. How does a therapist be a part of defining scope and who do they dialogue with about scope of practice?

21:50. The players in scope of practice and their roles

24:03  How does evidence based massage therapy influence scope

26:45  Advocating for something to be part of scope

31:20  Baseline definition of scope 

36:01  Re-educating or educating oneself about scope of practice

37:38  The College of Massage Therapists  implements scope regulations, whats in place to ensure they do a good job?

41:27  Advocating for a particular modality through evidence informed practice

42:36  Scope of practice meeting takeaways

49:34  Scope of practice helping to move towards a more robust profession

55:35  RMTBC highlights for the next year


Music by Broke For Free, Night Owl - Directionless Ep - from the free music archive